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If you have any questions,  complaints or would like to become involved in our Project, you can contact us at:


4 Powell Street, Emerald, Queensland, Australia 4720

Phone: (61+) 07 4987 4733

Mobile:  (61+)   0407 040 251

Australian Registration No. CH1998 – 17/02/2011

Zambian Registration No. RNGO 101/0421/15

ORG. No. 1A37441

ABN 35 335 529 899

RAWCS No. 36-2012-13


All complaints will be dealt with confidentially.


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We love others promoting Our Rainbow House and the amazing work being done to support our School, staff, volunteers, and the children.  However, we ask that you respect our Copyright & Disclaimer:

© All photographs, videos, and text on are copyright.

Conditions of Use:

Permission is granted for non-commercial use of photographs, videos, and web pages as long as the following guidelines are observed:

  • Credit is given to Our Rainbow House;
  • The URL to the website of Our Rainbow House is included;
  • On webpages, a link to is provided;
  • Images may not be archived on other websites;
  • Under no condition may the pictures be used to promote or be associated with immoral materials or websites;
  • Our Rainbow House reserves the right to deny use of images, videos, or copy to any persons or organisations where such usage would not to be in the best interest of Our Rainbow House;
  • Our Rainbow House reserves the right to change conditions of use at any time, without notice;


We are always interested to see how Our Rainbow House is being promoted.  Please send us a message, and include the web link to

For commercial use of photographs, videos, and web content please submit your request to


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