Sponsoring a student or staff member is a great way to be involved and support our Project.

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Annual Sponsorship Opportunities (all amounts are in Australian dollars)

$320  Sponsor a Caregiver  Our four Caregivers visit the homes of our students each fortnight to check and report on their home and family situations. Your sponsorship covers their expenses and ensures our students are receiving support in all areas of their lives.

$500 Assistant Cook Rhoda  Rhoda is a local resident who is employed to assist Cook Mable in the preparation of breakfast and lunch for all students and staff. Your sponsorship covers Rhoda’s wages and pension benefits.

$820  Sponsor a Student  Your sponsorship will allow your student to attend Our Rainbow House school 5 days a week and receive 2 meals per day (breakfast and lunch), giving them the gift of education, friendship and improved health. Sponsors will receive photos of their student,report cards and letters. We encourage communication between students and sponsors, however, we have strict policies regarding gift giving and child protection.

$1000 Sponsor Nurse Carol  Nurse Carol visits our school each Thursday to check on the health of our students and provide any necessary treatment, advice or education. Your sponsorship will also cover the provision of basic medical supplies such as gauze and bandages.

$2000 Sponsor Cook Mable  Cook Mable is a local resident who is employed daily to cook and serve breakfast and lunch to all our students and staff. Your sponsorship covers her wages and pension benefits and not only means an income for Mable and her family, but also ensures our students receive the nutrition they need to learn.

$3500 Sponsor a Teacher  Your sponsorship will cover the cost of a teachers annual wage plus pension benefits. All of our teachers are qualified, two have completed further education studies and Evelyn continues to complete her further training.  Our staff are thrilled to be sponsored and enjoy hearing about the people supporting them and our School.

$3500 Sponsor a Guard/Facility Caretaker  Our Guards/Facility Caretakers work on a 12 hour roster system and ensure the school premises are supervised at all times. In addition they also maintain the school grounds and assist with cleaning duties. Your sponsorship will cover the cost of a Guards annual wage plus pension benefits.

$6100 Sponsor our Project Supervisor  Katoba, is our Zambian Project Supervisor and oversees all aspects of managing the School including financial management, administration, staff management and much more. Your sponsorship will cover the cost of her annual wage and pension benefits and provide local leadership to our Project.


Sponsorship opportunities are available for 2018! 

If you are interested in sponsorship please contact our office at: australianoffice@ourrainbowhouse.org.au

All sponsorship packages can be paid in instalments or shared between family and friends.

To learn more about any of our staff members go to Meet Our Team.


If you would like to pay a sponsorship invoice CLICK HERE. Please note in the “requests” section of the online form who you are sponsoring.