January – February 2018 Newsletter

January – February 2018 pdf

Hello Everyone,

A new year!!  Let us hope that it is filled with good health, happiness and joy.  They are the most important things in life.  We wish you all the best for 2018.

As you will read, we did not have a good start to the year with the Cholera Outbreak, but it seems to have settled somewhat.

Our Project Supervisor, Katoba, has chosen to go back to studies.  We thank Katoba for her dedication to our staff, students and families over the past 5 years and wish her well at College.

Pam, our Newsletter Editor, leaves for our school on the 17th February.  We are blessed to have Pam go over at this time.  Alison will follow in March and they will have some time there together.

Thank you, everyone, for your on-going support.  The students are going great guns with your incredible support.


Alison Ray

Director – Our Rainbow House Inc.