Gemma Kukulies

Publicity and Grants Officer

Gemma is a very new face to Emerald having only moved here in October 2016 to start a new job. Her first encounter with Our Rainbow House was at the famous Emerald State School Craft Fair where she chatted to volunteers about the school and was taken aback to find out it was a charity started in Emerald.

Earlier in 2016 Gemma travelled through Zambia and other southern African countries and remembers passing through various villages and realising that the concept of ‘opportunities’ in terms of career, travel and lifestyle was a great privilege she had been born into as an Australian.

Gemma says: “The various opportunities that many young Australians worry over are a mere dream to so many children and young people around the world, including Zambia. I am so grateful for the education I was able to receive throughout my younger years as it has enabled me to build a life out of choice rather than necessity only. All children should be able to receive an education irrespective of their birthplace or circumstance so that they may live life to their full potential. I hope through my assistance in grant research and publicity I can help Our Rainbow House fill many more students with knowledge and confidence. I have felt so welcomed by the Our Rainbow House community. I am excited to start working with Alison and all the great volunteers over the year.”