Suzie Duff

Student Sponsorship Coordinator

Suzie grew up on a property West of Moree, in Northern NSW.  She started her education in a school which was built on land her father donated to the Government so that the children in the district could be educated.  This school had one room, with one Teacher teaching six classes.   She left the school at the end of grade 5 and travelled 33 miles (each way) by bus every day into town to complete grade six.  After her primary education she went to boarding school.  After finishing school, she travelled and worked interstate and overseas. She has worked in many different industries over the years before training to be a Beauty Therapist and moving to Emerald in 1998 and setting up her own business for four years.  Suzie has since worked in the Health Industry for the past 10 years in both Management/Administration roles.

Having known Alison since moving to Emerald, Suzie heard a lot about Our Rainbow House for a few years before getting involved with the charity.  She travelled to Africa with friends in 2012 and volunteered at the school for four weeks and during that time she drew on her administration skills to help set up systems and our Sponsorship Program for the students.  She also sponsors one of the students.

Suzie returned to the school in July 2015 and thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with her sponsorship child and seeing all the students and staff again.  Not having children of her own, Suzie has enjoyed being able to provide an education to a child in need. 

She says:

“It has been very rewarding watching Susan grow into a beautiful healthy confident young lady. Seeing my sponsor child again made me realise that it is worth all the time and effort that we as a team and all our members and friends put into our charity.”