Water crisis in our Zambian Village

Water crisis in our Zambian Village

​Imagine having to wake up at 4:00am each morning to line up for water?  Even in 2015 places like our village suffer everyday.  Yet again, we have water issues in our Zambian village.

In developing countries, water provision is often poorly and unreliably funded. Ever present is the risk of water borne disease with contamination of the available water supply. Dialogue with government agencies is often unheeded and resources to improve the water supply unavailable to the citizens of these marginalised communities.

Our Director, Alison is quoted in the  October Newsletter as say:

​“It saddens me that the people of the village are facing yet another crisis, this time water”.

​Even when Alison, Suzie, and CaAtherine were there in July, they faced times of having no water, but no where near what our teachers, students, staff, and guardians are currently dealing with now.  

​Katoba, our Project Supervisor says;   “There has been a problem of water in Village since they started changing the old pipes to start using the new ones. Even the hand pumps rarely have water. Guardians and residents have told me that they wake up from 01:00hour to 03:00hours in the morning to draw water! Students with the help of the teachers, have drawn water several times for school use. It is a sorry sight. They start classes later than usual on those days”.

You can read more about how the water issues have been affecting our School in the October Newsletter.

According to the Water Aid website

  • over 5 million people in Zambia DO NOT have access to safe water
  • over 9 million people do not have access to adequate sanitation in Zambia
  • over 4,000 children die each year from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation in Zambia

There is no fast fix to this problem.  But we do know that Our Rainbow House will keep working with the community to improve the conditions for the people in our Village.

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