Our Rainbow House


To support the people of this community in the care of their orphans and vulnerable children.

To support the people of this community in the care of their orphans and vulnerable children.

Partnership with local people who share our vision.

Respect for the privacy and culture of the community.

Empowerment of the community.

Transparency / accountability of our operations.

Fostering Australian – Zambian friendship and respect.

To provide education and nutrition to orphans and vulnerable children; encourage them to have an optimistic view of the future and empower them to break the cycle of poverty in their community.

1) Contribute to the education of the community’s orphans & vulnerable children, and those who care for them.

2) Continue to operate a small primary school and support the transition of senior students into high school.

3) Make these school premises available outside of school hours for educational & community purposes.

4) Support the continuing education of all those involved with the school.

5) To support local groups in their efforts to obtain good basic services in the areas of waste disposal, water, electricity, and government schools.

6) Appreciate and encourage all local involvement – in preparation for autonomy.

7) Nurture the Parents, Guardians and Friends Association (PGFA) and encourage an expansion of its role.

8) Continue a search for suitable premises or security on existing premises.

9) Regularly review communication with donors.

10) Carefully monitor the project and conduct annual reviews.

11) Develop long term succession planning and an emergency exit strategy.

Our Rainbow House is committed to human rights for everyone and to the inclusion and representation of those who are vulnerable and those who are affected by the intersecting drivers of marginalisation and exclusion. This includes but is not restricted to race, religion, ethnicity, indigeneity, disability, age, displacement, caste, gender, gender identity, sexuality, sexual orientation, poverty, class and socio-economic status.