If you would like to volunteer for Our Rainbow House in any way, please contact admin@ourrainbowhouse.org.au for more information.

As our Project grows, we are always in need of people in every aspect of the charity, from fundraising and administration to working at the school in Zambia.

Please note, there is a comprehensive process for volunteering at the school. Ensure applications are submitted at least 6 months prior to your desired travel dates.

“Being the Student Sponsorship Coordinator is my dream job! I simply love introducing sponsors to their students and sending them progress reports and photos throughout the year. Sponsors are the backbone of our charity and, having visited the school four times, I am in awe of what we (sponsors and staff) continue to achieve. The children and their families are so appreciative of the gift of education and of all the other things that they are offered. The staff in both Zambia and Australia are so caring and supportive. Our little school is truly a haven for these wonderful little human beings.”  – Jan (Volunteer Student Sponsorship Coordinator). 

“Our Rainbow House has turned out to be the biggest blessing of my life, for they have provided me with a chance to attain further education and attain a bachelor’s degree in the program of social work. This has been the biggest blessing to my life, for I only could dream of the possibility of ever coming to a position of being able to help someone/people in my life. The reality right now is, I possess the full ability to understand their problems from a personal to family, community and national level. What’s a better start to being able to help the country and its communities than to understand? The possibilities that can come from my attaining this degree do not have any limits, not even in my imagination.”  – Moses (School-based Volunteer).